More Details For Lords Of Waterdeep & Scoundrels Of Skullport

June 8, 2013 by brennon

The successful Lords of Waterdeep boardgame for Dungeons & Dragons is getting an expansion soon and new details have emerged as to just what is inside it. Take a look at Scoundrels of Skullport...

Halaster Blackcloak

Scoundrels Of Skullport Box Contents

Above you can see one of the new heroes Halaster Blackcloak alongside the contents of the game! In this expansion you'll be getting...


"The Skullport module includes a new resource: Corruption. Unlike Adventurers and Gold, having Corruption in your Tavern penalizes you at the end of the game. However, the Buildings, Quests, and Intrigue cards that produce Corruption also offer more plentiful rewards. Thus you must strike a balance between your greed and the potential harm of Corruption at the end of the game."



"The Undermountain module takes Agents of the Lords into the dangerous caverns below Mount Waterdeep. The rumored wealth of Undermountain entices adventurers to brave the mysteries and monsters beneath the City of Splendors. Both the risks and the returns are greater for undertaking Quests that require more Gold and Adventurers."

It sounds pretty great so far and with the addition of another player it takes it to a a whole new level. It's going to be fun getting stuck in with this and hopefully it won't be long till I can get my grubby mitts on it.

Did you enjoy the original Lords of Waterdeep?

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