One Off Lost Kingdom Miniatures Diorama Coming Soon

April 17, 2018 by brennon

Lost Kingdom Miniatures has shown off a very awesome diorama that will go up for auction on May 16th!

Lost Kingdom Miniatures Diorama #1

This diorama shows off one of their Chaos Dwarves clashing with one of the giant Lizardfolk that they are planning to bring to Kickstarter later this year. In the midst of battle, this looks like it would be an awesome piece to get stuck into.

Lost Kingdom Miniatures Diorama #2

All of the proceeds from this diorama auction will go to some of the charities and NGOs that Lost Kingdom Miniatures are in contact with and you will be able to either grab a version of this with the Lizardfolk showing blood dripping from his maw, or without.

Lost Kingdom Miniatures Diorama Close-Up #1

Additionally, you will also get a certificate showing that this is the ONLY one out there, a unique piece. Until The Last Breath, as it's known, would be a brilliant addition to someone's mantlepiece.

Lost Kingdom Miniatures Diorama Close-Up #2

While I would have to say that it seems like the Dwarf is in a worse condition and I usually like to support the underdog, I think that I'd prefer to back the Lizardfolk here!

What do you think of the diorama?

"I think that I'd prefer to back the Lizardfolk here!"

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