Flying Lizards Swoop Into Lost Kingdom’s Newest Preview

May 15, 2018 by brennon

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The wave of Lizardmen continues to pour forth from the jungles thanks to Lost Kingdom Miniatures. The previews this week focus in on some of their flying creatures including this character mounted atop a snapping beast.

Lizardman Mounted Hero - Lost Kingdom Miniatures

She (yes, a lady lizard!) looks to be useful as both a martial hero and potentially as a mage too. These smaller creatures work very well as both I feel. I really like the monstrous creature that she's mounted on, a massive version of a pterodactyl. You can already hear the strange shriek that it lets out as it comes crunching to a land atop the scenic base there.

Supporting her and swopping in to carve holes in the enemy formation we also have some additional flyers. Some of them are armed with spears for close combat strikes...

Lizardman Flyers With Spears - Lost Kingdom Miniatures

...whilst others will be flying around the edges of your formations with bows at the ready, looking to pick out key enemy leaders and harry artillery crews at the back of your force.

Lizardman Flyers With Bows - Lost Kingdom Miniatures

It's nice to see that they've pushed through a different looking design for these flyers with each of them having four wings over just two. I think it adds a more alien feel to their design which is neat and sets them apart from their traditional dinosaur counterparts.

What do you think of these new flyers?

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