New Orcs & Goblins Coming Soon From Lost Kingdom Miniatures

December 1, 2017 by brennon

A set of New Greenskins are coming soon from Lost Kingdom Miniatures. Leading the way we have this awesome looking Orc Shaman.

Lost Kingdom Miniatures - Orc Mage

I think she looks great and it's nice to see more Orc Female models being thrown into the ring for our games. The display of power is rather awesome too as she summons up eldritch energy and forms it into the symbol of their god.

We have a more typical looking Orc to throw into the mix as well too with this fellow here, rushing towards the action.

Lost Kingdom Miniatures - Orc Warrior

There's a lot going on with this model I think, maybe a little too much, but potentially it might just be the way the image has come out. I think with a good undercoat and some highlighting you'd be fine.

The bashed together nature of the arms and armour for this warrior is neat and I like the idea that you could use him at the forefront of an army, heading right for the enemy lines.

Goblins & Gremlins

It's not all just Orcs though in this greenskin haul as they also have a Goblin they've been working on.

Lost Kingdom Miniatures - Goblin

In typically Goblin form he has his backstabbing daggers at the ready to plunge into someone's back when they're not looking.

The more angular look of his features is a nice touch and it matches the style of his armour too. I could see him popping up in more of a role-playing capacity as a Goblin trying to chance his arm at a kill down in the depths of a dungeon.

Last but not least we have this Gremlin who is trying to hold on to his bucking and bestial companion.

Lost Kingdom Miniatures - Gremlin

Known as a tadpole to the folks from Lost Kingdom this might work out actually as a new take on the idea of Shamans perhaps? Imagine your spellcaster riding around on one of these going absolutely nuts.

What do you think of their new greenskins?

"Imagine your spellcaster riding around on one of these going absolutely nuts..."

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