Orcs, Goblins & Gremlins Arrive Next Week From Lost Kingdom

January 26, 2018 by brennon

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Lost Kingdom Miniatures have shown off the final models for their Greenskin range which will be hitting their webstore next week.

Orc Warlord - Lost Kingdom Miniatures
Leading the way we have a couple of character models that we've seen in renders and early concept sculpts already. Here we have this mighty Orc Warlord fellow, clad in bashed together armour that he has no doubt scavenged from the battlefield.

Looking a little more professional we have this Goblin Rogue/Scoundrel too.

Goblin Rogue - Lost Kingdom Miniatures

This fellow looks like he could be the assassin for a group of greenskins, sent ahead of the main force to kill a wizard or captain maybe. I think he'd be great as a recurring villain in your role-playing games.

Talking of recurring characters, we also have this ace Orc Shaman. Now, she needs to be included in your Dungeons & Dragons games for sure - Priest of Gruumsh anyone?

Orc Shaman - Lost Kingdom Miniatures

It's awesome seeing the crackling magical flowing out of her staff and hands to create that icon in the air above her. Maybe this is the beginning of some cataclysmic spell which will shatter the earth?

Sneaky Gremlins

Bounding around atop some of these bloated beasts we have a range of Goblins and Gremlins that are looking very pleased with their monstrous mounts.

Goblin Warlord - Lost Kingdom Miniatures

You could see these going out of control, much like with Squigs in Warhammer Fantasy, and rampaging across the battlefield.

Goblin Monster - Lost Kingdom Miniatures

Keep an eye out beyond the release of these models as no doubt there will be MUCH more in the pipeline from Lost Kingdom Miniatures. They do make some splendid characters I think you'll agree.

Which of the new Greenskins caught your attention?

"Now, she needs to be included in your Dungeons & Dragons games for sure - Priest of Gruumsh anyone?"

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