Lost Kingdom Show Off New Terrain & Monsters + Prize Draw

October 11, 2017 by brennon

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Lost Kingdom Miniatures are celebrating some new releases for their evil Dwarven empire. The first is a massive resin terrain piece known as the Magmhorin Realm Gate.

Realm Gate #1

This massive terrain kit is looking fantastic as a way to mark the battlefield as belonging to your squat forces. Standing at 23.8cm tall this is a towering structure that would make a wonderful focal point for your battles.

Realm Gate #2

I love the traditional Babylonian looking bull-centaurs which guard the flanks of the tower and the amount of detail that has been worked into the archway at the top is superb.

Realm Gate #3

With some light drybrushing across that and some shading washes, you'd be able to make that pop. Maybe you could even go for an obsidian look or something brass to give it a more evil feel?

Flying Beasts

As well as the gate they also have their Taurus or Lahma-Suh which is available in a limited amount over on their webstore right now.

Taurus #1

With pre-orders open now there are only thirty of these models available due to the amount of resin they take to produce.

Taurus #2

Again, as a centrepiece for your force on the tabletop, this would be immense. I like the design of the armour which isn't too over the top and the detail running through the membrane of the wings is fantastic to see painted up like this.

Prize Draw

As well as the news about these pre-orders the team are also going to be giving away one of these models (either the Realm Gate or the Taurus). All you have to do is...

  • Like the Facebook Page
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  • Share the publication
  • Register in the online store

...which doesn't seem like too much work right?

Which of the two would you like to win?

"Maybe you could even go for an obsidian look or something brass to give it a more evil feel?"

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