The Commanding Vashel Golden Hand Previewed By Lucid Eye

January 26, 2018 by brennon

We take a look at even more awesomeness from the folks at Lucid Eye. Here we have the preview of Vashel Golden Hand, one of the Thanes in The Red Book Of The Elf King.

Vashel Golden Hand - Lucid Eye

Here is a bit of background on this particular fellow...

"'Vashel's Hand Of Gold was fashioned by the Dwarfsmith Sȗdersae in ages past. It was taken from The King by Vashel himself, a crime of "Haut Heresae". It shines with the brilliance of a thousand suns, and slows time within its orbit."

The model does look fantastic with a real nod towards a Celtic background and connection there. The sword is amazingly Fantastical too which I love, over-the-top and dangerous looking.

This marks another of the main characters from this range, the first now painted and available on their webstore. Here is Salian Trollblood Of The Sarland March.

Salian Trollblood Of The Sarland March - Lucid Eye

In the spirit of more fluff and awesome background, here is some of the information on this fellow...

"Salian Trollblood is an Elf apart, although he is still a member of the royal household. Salian is full of strange fascinations which abhor the other Circles. From his Manse, he uses the arts to spy upon his kin and is a dangerous adversary who demands complete subjugation from his Companions."

This collection of dangerous Elves is coming together very nicely and I could see folks enjoying delving into this range. You can also keep up to date with what they've been doing on their Facebook Group too.

What do you think of these characters?

"The sword is amazingly Fantastical too which I love, over-the-top and dangerous looking..."

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