Luxumbra’s Kickstarter Begins Tomorrow!

February 13, 2017 by brennon

Luxumbra's Kickstarter, which is focused on bringing you a series of awesome busts and larger scale models, is going to be launching tomorrow (February 14th). A day of love to show some to your hobby!


The Kickstarter is going to be focused towards four fantastically sculpted busts for hobbyists and collectors to paint up from the Infinity background. Above we have Acherontia but you can also get Daturazi...

Daturazi well as Tarik Mansuri and Tiger Soldier.

Tarik Mansuri

Tiger Soldier

Each of the busts has been lovingly designed so that it gives you plenty of options for painting. You could approach them with airbrush or traditional brushes. You also have plenty of different surfaces to work on including armour, skin, cloth and more. It could give you quite the project!

You'll be able to choose from options which include one Bust, the main 75mm Model (which we'll look at in a second), a Bust Pack or even a Valentines Bundle which gives you everything at a special offer price.

75mm O-Yoroi Pilot!

Matching the Busts and giving you something even more impressive to paint we will also get to see a fantastic large scale model from the Infinity range, the O-Yoroi Pilot.


Corvus Belli will also be providing a 32mm version of the model as an unlockable asset during the Kickstarter campaign.

32mm O-Yoroi Pilot

So, if any of these options appeal to you we recommend you keep an eye on Kickstarter tomorrow and dive in!

Will you be getting involved with this one?

"Each of the busts has been lovingly designed so that it gives you plenty of options for painting..."

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