Macrocosm Close In On Final Days For Dwarves At Arms Kickstarter

October 25, 2016 by brennon

Macrocosm Miniatures are closing in on the final few days of their Kickstarter to bring a range of Fantasy/Historical Dwarves to the tabletop. Take a look at Dwarves At Arms...

Dwarves At Arms

The Kickstarter has been going from strength to strength as a range of fantastic metal models have come to life. The key focus for the project was to fund their Norman Dwarves.

Norman Dwarf Warband

But, it has exploded since then and now includes all manner of Historical Dwarves for you to use in your skirmish and mass battle games. Stretch Goals have unlocked the likes of Viking, English Civil War...

English Civil War Dwarves

...Late Roman

Late Roman Dwarves

...and even a clan of Samurai Dwarves too!

Samurai Dwarves

All manner of separate packs are available for these Dwarves from across history giving you a range of characters, troops and more to create an individual looking troupe of warriors. If you fancy heading towards more modern periods they're also looking to fund a range of World War I Dwarves too.

World War One Dwarves

You can delve into the range via the links above and choose the kind of army or warband you want to make out of these bearded fellows.

As a big fan of Dwarves it's nice to see them spreading their influence beyond their mountain holds!

Take a look for yourself and tell us which of the periods appeals to you most!

"The key focus for the project was to fund their Norman Dwarves..."

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