Two New Factions Joining Macrocosm On Kickstarter!

August 4, 2015 by brennon

Macrocosm is heading to Kickstarter later this month on the 27th of August to fund two new factions for the game. In a definite war of little versus large say hello to the concept art for the Grem and the Battlesuits. They will be joining the Digger Corp and Malignancy soon!


First up we have the Grems represented by this trooper below. They look like they have a serious attitude to them. You can find out more about their fluff below.

Grem Trooper

The Grem Alliance...

"Who are the 4th Race? The Grem Alliance! The Grem Alliance are a race of three different creatures who used to be slaves. They banded together to overthrow their evil slave masters centuries ago, and since then have grown in size and intelligence. They are very militaristic and expansionist.

Their main industry is War. The Basic Trooper is supported on the battlefield by its distant cousins the Dire Grem and the Gremlings, whilst not exactly as evolved as the Grem are they still have found important roles in the Grem society."

Battlesuits Online!

As well as the dastardly and warlike Grem we have these Battlesuits.  If you want to find out who's within you better destroy one in combat and find out!

Walker"Who are the 3rd race? As yet no one knows, they use mechanical suits of unknown make. There has never been a living entity captured on the battlefield. Intelligence suggests these suits are being controlled by craft in orbit of the colonies."

Those are some deadly looking weapons for sure and while you probably won't be able to field many of them on the tabletop they will be able to hold their own. As the background develops I'm sure we'll see more of these battlesuit wearing warriors.

Will you be keeping an eye out?

"As the background develops I'm sure we'll see more of these battlesuit wearing warriors..."

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