Macrocosm Kickstarter Launches For Two New Races

August 27, 2015 by brennon

Macrocosm have launched their Kickstarter Campaign to fund the two new races in their Sci-Fi tabletop game. The factions in the pipeline are the sneaky Grem and the mysterious '3rd Race' who do battle in big battlesuits...

The Factions

The Grems are the first of the factions we'll take a look at with some neat artwork as you can see below. It's like they've stepped out of the 80's with their outfit designs but that is all the rage right now. Shoulder pads for the win!


Dire Grem

As you can see not all of the Grems are particularly well armed in the case of these Gremlings below. They look like they have explosive collars on which is quite fun and I hope there is something in the rules to make them go pop.


As a faction they are looking really fun and bring an added level of whimsy (I suppose that's the right word?) to the game of Macrocosm with their comical faces. It's a good touch of black comedy that we're used to in our dark Sci-Fi games.

Away from the Grems there is the second more mysterious race who use Mech Suits in battle like this one below.


Very little is known of this faction but it is assumed that they are controlled from somewhere off planet when they attack. Eerily enough when some of these suits have been captured there has been no signs of a pilot inside them.

The Miniatures

The team behind the campaign have already begun work on some of the sculpting for these factions. Below we have a Grem and part of the Mech Suit which are being worked on right now...

Grem (Test)

Mech (Test)

It's all at an early stage right now when it comes to these factions but if you'd like to see some of the work they've done on other models in the range then check out the Malignancy.


They also do another faction known as the Digger Corp...

Digger Corp

...which certainly scratch my itch for cool Sci-Fi Dwarves. If you'd like to try out the game before you dive in on the campaign then the rules for Macrocosm are free to download HERE from their website alongside rules for the various factions too.

If you're in the mood for an alternative Sci-Fi game this could well fit the bill.

What do you think?

"If you're in the mood for an alternative Sci-Fi game this could well fit the bill..."

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