Build Your Own Command Squad With Mad Robot Miniatures

March 31, 2015 by brennon

Mad Robot Miniatures have added a new set of components to their webstore which allow you to make a full Command Squad for your futuristic wargames. As well as that they have a surprise on the way soon in the form of a big ol' tank!

Command Squad Builder

What you see above is made from...

  • 5x Heads
  • 5x Torsos
  • 5x Pairs of Arms
  • 5x Legs
  • 5x Weapons
  • 1x Special Weapon
  • 1x Set of Officer Arms
  • 1x Standard Bearer Upgrade
  • 1x Medic Upgrade
  • 1x Set of Comms Packs this allows you to put together a command squad of troopers that would work for dark future wargaming and maybe even something a bit Weird World War thanks to their outfits and weapon choices.

Big Tanks A'Comin'

As well as the troopers with their new command choices you also have the big Gideon Main Battle Tank coming soon during the Summer of 2015.

Main Battle Tank

This is of course just the turret of the beast but it already looks pretty huge if you compare it to the size of the commander sitting in the open hatch. I think this could come along and act as a nice alternative for some of the big tanks you see in the Imperial Guard. Can't say no to a cannon that big.

What do you think of it?

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