The Colonial Defence Force Gets Shipped Off By Mad Robot

June 2, 2014 by brennon

Mad Robot Miniatures have a rather awesome looking kit out now for their Colonial Defence Force. Whether you have bugs to squash or Aliens to blast in corridors these guys have you covered. Oh, and if you want some more fire power why not check out their Bulldog Battle Rifle too...

Colonial Defence Force

The kit works for 28mm size gaming with heroic proportions and comes with...

- 10 Heads
- 10 Torsos
- 10 Pairs of Arms
- 10 Pairs of Legs
- 10 Pulse Rifles
- 1 Special Weapon
- 1 set of Sgt Arms
- 1 Heavy Gunner Upgrade it could well be a nice kit for use as an alternative Imperial Guard unit or for any number of different skirmish games out there. I could see these matching up well with Enforcers from Mantic Games for example due to the style of weapons and armour.

Bulldog Battle Rifle

On the bitz front they have the aforementioned Bulldog Battle Rifle. I thought this was some kind of shotgun to begin! I like that it has enough space on the top for adding things like scopes and sights and it's made to fit with a range of different 28mm miniatures.

Will you join these Colonial Marines?

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