The Lykan Sawtooths Stalk The Lands Of Mad Robot!

October 20, 2014 by brennon

Mad Robot have put a neat looking unit up for pre-order, the Lykan Sawtooths! You can get your hands on both a standard and close combat take on these chaps...

Lykan Sawtooths

A little bit more about the Lykan...

"The Lykan Sawtooths, under the command of Skald Jotuns have seen action all over the galaxy. Their tactics are brazen and their victories are the stuff of legends. Some have questioned the Sawtooths’ bold methods and noisy, smoke-belching chain weapons. But those people also do not realize that Lykans see stealth as cowardice, prefering their enemies to see them coming.  Few sights are as intimidating as watching unhinged berserkers, swinging chain-edged implements of death, ignore your suppression fire and charge into your lines."

Lykan Heads

Lykan Torsos

Lykan Options

Lykan Legs

Above are some of the options you'll be presented with in the set and I quite like the feral nature of these troopers. The range of different heads is neat too and it's neat to see every single one of them being individual.

With the way they've built some of the weaponry and such you could potentially use these as stand in warriors for an Astra Militarum force. Some Death World somewhere has been called into action and so the Sawtooths have joined as an additional regiment for your army.

What do you think?

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