Don’t Panic Games Show Off the Combatants in Maelstrom

January 28, 2014 by dracs

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Don't Panic Games have put out two new previews for the game of Maelstrom, letting us know what we are in store for with the upcoming two armies starter box.

Leading the Ashral Orc skirmishers will be this cheerful greenskin shaman.

Orc Shaman

Though the model is still in the early stages, the sculpt looks really impressive, with some cool detail and touches like the stitches on his clove, the dangling beads and the flowing strands from his loin cloth thing. Unless, of course, those aren't strands of fabric and he simply has some serious grooming issues.

According to Don't Panic, the miniatures in the starter box will be fully assembled, but not painted, allowing you to get playing straight away. Other box sets, however, will feature non-assembled miniatures to let you get your modeling fix. Boxes like the hero box will also feature a variety of head and weapon options, allowing you to choose what sort of hero you need.


These human figures aren't quite as impressive as the orc, but it should be pointed out that they too are still WIP's with the final images coming out soon.

So far, things are looking pretty promising for the Maelstrom Game, it is definitely one we will have to keep an eye on in the future.

What are your thoughts on having fully assembled miniatures in the starter box? How do you like the miniatures we have seen so far?

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