The Epirians Fire Up The Circuitry On The Scarecrow For Maelstrom’s Edge

May 14, 2015 by brennon

The Epirians of Maelstorm's Edge have netted themselves some more Robots and will be using them on the battlefield very soon indeed. See what you think of another new plastic kit from the guys at Spiral Arm Studios...

Scare Away The Birds?

If you're looking for some more slim line Robots to do your fighting then these Scarecrows would be just the ticket. They are equipped with an advanced suite of thermal and motion tracking sensors so the Scarecrow is designed to detect and deter any non-authorized biological or technological intrusion into its designated patrol area.

Scarecrows (Front)

Scarecrow (Rear)

The Scarecrow comes with a Maglock Rail-Rifle as its primary means of engaging the enemy and sports a clingfire Chemtex system too for dosing the enemy in flames and watching them go up like a pyre.

Robot Scale Comparison

"The Scarecrow is the first 28mm scale robot we are aware of to have this much flexibility, with ball joints at the hips and shoulders, and highly flexible posing at the knees, elbows and feet, allowing an incredible scope for flexibility. You could build a hundred scarecrows and have no two look alike. The legs are so flexible that the Scarecrow can be posed climbing over things, running, standing on things, etc. If you are a fan of creating dioramas or action-heavy poses, the Scarecrow is an absolute must have for your modeling collection if nothing else!"

Will you be pledging and getting your hands on these?

"The Scarecrow comes with a Maglock Rail-Rifle as its primary means of engaging the enemy..."

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