Maelstrom’s Edge Unlocks Big Epirian Robots For The Battlefield

May 6, 2015 by brennon

Maelstrom's Edge is still going strong on Kickstarter and they've not only revealed some fantastic New Robots for the Epirian faction but also shown off quite the bundle of hard plastic you'll be getting at the end of it all. More on the Robots in a bit!

Epirian Hunter-Class Warmech & Troops

What's In The Box?

As it stands the reward for pledging at the £60 mark will get you this whole host of fancy stuff below and of course as more stretch goals are revealed there will be additional content forthcoming...

What's In The Box #1

What's In The Box #2

As you might have been wondering about the pledge, yes, it's all in plastic and looks like it's going to go together very nicely indeed. The two factions are getting rounded out well and there's even a few sneaky teasers in there of models yet to come. I'm really interested to see how the Karist Angel turns out as a big beast for them!

Robots Not In Disguise

Weirdly enough these Robots don't look like they need to be in much of a disguise. See what you make of the Epirian Hunter-Class Warmech that come with five different gun options...

Epirian Hunter-Class Warmech #1

Epirian Hunter-Class Warmech #2

Epirian Hunter-Class Warmech #3

Each of these models stands at around 48mm tall and has a range of possible stances and configurations. There is a ball joint in the hips allowing you to swing things around as well as a range of different posing options in the hands, elbows and shoulders.

Weapons wise the Warmech comes with a Flakk Cannon, Dual Suppressor Machine Gun and Maglock Chaingun option, with dual wielding possible for all but the Maglock Chaingun on top of the Rocket Pods atop the shoulders. A walking killing machine.

Have you been won over by Robots?

"Each of these models stands at around 48mm tall and has a range of possible stances and configurations..."

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