Weave Your Reality With The Release Of Mage The Awakening 2nd Ed.

May 5, 2016 by dracs

Onyx Path have released the next in their range of 2nd edition Chronicles of Darkness rules, this time returning to the firm fan favourite of Mage the Awakening.

Mage the Awakening 2nd Ed

Needless to say, in Mage the Awakened you take on the role of a Mage, a person who has woken up to the true hidden realities of existence and now has the ability to shape those realities to their every whim. Within limits, of course, no one wants to deal with a Paradox after all.

Mage Art

Onyx Path have updated the game's iconic free form magic rules and reimagined the various paths and orders for you to make your character. They've also included five example settings across the world, as well as looking further into some of the stranger places such as the Emanation Realms (I think they have something to do with the swamp of eternal stench).

All of this goes together to make a pretty comprehensive addition and a welcome inclusion to the 2nd edition line up of Chronicles of Darkness. Playing as a Mage has always been a popular path for players in the World of Darkness (both old and new) as for these characters the limits really are your imagination. I look forward to hearing how this new edition shapes up against what has been before.

Do you like to take on the role of a Mage? Will you head over to Onyx to check out this new edition?

"For these characters the limits really are your imagination..."

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