A Clever New Scoring Option for Mage Wars

August 28, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Mage Wars boxIf you are a fan of Mage Wars, then you will really like this new addition to the game. Arcane Wonders just released their Premium Magnetic Status Board on their website. These beauties were available at Gen Con (as were sooooooo many other things), and now they are officially out on the web.

Magnetic score boards

They look just like the status boards that come in the game, but they are magnetized and come with 4 magnetic counters to keep track of your Channeling, your Mana Supply and your Life/Damage. These are pretty cool, because if you are anything like me and perhaps drops things occasionally or lean on something and watch your markers tumble to the floor- things will stay exactly where they should with these new boards.

Redben and I got to play a demo of Mage Wars at Gen Con and really enjoyed the game. If you are a fan of MTG, then you should give this game a try. It has some really interesting mechanics to it that make it very fun, really different and dare I say.....better?

Will you be adding these fancy counters to your Mage Wars game?

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