Battle Heroes and Monsters with New MtG Duel Deck

August 20, 2013 by dracs

This Autumn plainswalkers will be stepping into the world of Theros, a plain formed of Greek legend. This September we will be able to explore this world further as Wizards of the Coast prepare to release the next duel deck; Heroes vs Monsters!

Heroes vs Monsters

Much of Greek mythology revolves around great heroes and their struggles against vicious and powerful monsters. This duel deck set epitomises these struggles.

The Heroes of Theros are found in a red/white deck.

Anax and Cymede

Sun Titan

The cards in the deck provide you with some very nice options for agro play, while supporting and backing one another up in true white mana style.

And when you're facing monsters like this you certainly need that help.


The Monsters deck is Red/Green, so already you know to expect some serious agro from it.

Satyr Hedonist

Cards like Satyr Hedonist here allow you to quickly generate mana in times of need, meaning you can quickly cast spells when least expected.

Heroes vs Monsters Duel Decks

These two decks hold a lot of promise and have some pretty nice cards in them. They also provide us with an intriguing insight into the plain of Theros. I am sure plenty of my fellow plainswalkers will be looking forward to these decks appearing in September.

Would you side with heroes or command the monsters?

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