Are You Born of the Gods in Magic the Gathering?

February 2, 2014 by dracs

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This weekend has been the pre-release event for the new Magic the Gathering set Born of the Gods, letting us all get our hands on this latest load of Greek myth inspired cards.

Born of the Gods

For those of you who didn't get to one of these events you won't have long to wait, as they will be getting released on the 7th February, including the five colour intro packs to help you get started with the latest set.

Gift of the Gods

Using white and blue mana, the Gift of the Gods intro pack allows players to build up a powerful and versatile force of enchantment creatures, with the Bestow ability allowing you to field a force of creatures or give your creatures a combination of awesome abilities.

Inspiration Struck

Inspiration Struck uses blue and black mana to let you tap into the full potential of the Inspired mechanic, where certain cards have special abilities that trigger whenever they untap. This deck allows you to tap your own creatures to use their Inspire abilities, while also keeping the enemy at bay.

Death's Beginning

The black and green deck Death's Beginning uses your graveyard to grow your creatures. It pretty much gives you the best of both worlds, green creatures growing larger and stomping the enemy, while black gives you control over your graveyard.

Forged in Battle

Forged in Battle brings us a good mix of Heroic creatures and auras from the red and white mana colours. The Heroic mechanic gives you creatures abilities that trigger whenever they are targeted by a spell. This means you have plenty of sorceries, enchantments and other such spells to get your Heroic abilities active.

Insatiable Hunger

Finally we come to the red / green deck Insatiable Hunger. Since it is a green and red deck you know what you are going to get here; plenty of large dangerous monsters and direct damage spells. This deck also uses the new Tribute mechanic, which means that when your creature is cast the opponent has to choose whether or not to give it some +1/+1 counters. If they choose not to then the creature's ability gets triggered.

Born of the Gods

I managed to get my hands on some of the Born of the Gods cards when I went to a pre-release event yesterday. While I didn't do that well (I only won two of my eight games), I found the new cards to be great fun to use and open up some really interesting tactical options to the game.

Are you going to be playing Magic in Born of the Gods?

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