Boros and Orzhov Prepare to Gatecrash the New Year

December 28, 2012 by dracs

Two more cards have been previewed for the Magic the Gathering set Gatecrash which will be released in February.

Firstly we have the preview for the militant Boros guild.

Firemane Avenger

As you can see from the battalion special rule, the Boros guild will be all about getting as many creatures onto the field as possible and going on the offensive. Now this could certainly leave you vulnerable to your opponent's larger creatures, but that bit of life gain it seems to provide (whether it is card specific or extends to the whole guild I don't know) will mean you won't have to worry too much about taking damage.

Alongside the Boros comes the menacing wealth of the Orzhov.

Treasury Thrull

Now this is a useful card. The Extort ability will mean you be able to steadily whittle down your opponent's life, while simultaneously increasing your own. But it is the Treasury Thrull's own effect which looks most useful. Getting to return something from the graveyard every time the Thrull attacks will be pretty useful, to say the least.

I am currently running a white/black deck myself so I might consider trying out the Orzhov, but it's the Dimir I can't wait to see.

What guild have you got your eye on?

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