The Cards of Modern Masters Appear in Magic’s Gallery

June 5, 2013 by dracs

As some of you might already know this month Wizards of the Coast will be releasing a series of reprints of legal modern cards. We now get to see just cards will be making that grand reappearance as they have appeared in the Magic the Gathering gallery.

Modern Masters Gallery

All of the cards being reprinted are legal in modern format games and stretch from the 8th Edition set through to Alara Reborn.

There are some cards which I am happy to see returning, such as Flickerwisp (simply because I love the creature design).


But there are other cards I'm less keen on returning...


Ah Progenitus! Keep that thing away from me! Any of you who has never had someone actually summon this card be forever grateful that you have not experienced that blind moment of panic when you wonder what to do about a 10/10 with protection from EVERYTHING.

Check out the gallery for Modern Masters and see if any particular favourites of yours are showing up once more.

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