Felicia Day Gets Spellslinging in Magic the Gathering

November 21, 2013 by dracs

Geek and Sundry's show of mighty Magic the Gathering duels, Spellslingers, continues and this time its the lovely Felicia Day herself who takes up the challenge.

Felicia Day

It's Felicia Day vs Day[9]. This time the wheel of fate has picked out the Black / Blue deck of the Dimir guild from the last Ravnica block, a sneaky group who specialise in assassination, intrigue and manipulation.

Day [9] vs Felicia Day

She won't have an easy time of it as the wheel has picked the Red / Green Gruul guild for the show's host Day[9]. The Gruul are aggressive and brutal, flinging fire and enormous beasts in equal amounts. The perfect opponents for the sneaky Dimir.

Who will win? Head over to Geek and Sundry and watch Spellslingers to find out

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