We Get Our First Glimpse at the Mechanics of Dragons Maze

April 9, 2013 by dracs

Wizards of the Coast have provided us with our first glimpse at the new game mechanic which will be appearing in the next Magic the Gathering set Dragon's Maze. A return to a mechanic from the original Ravnica block with a slight twist.

Split Cards

Beck and Call

Split cards first appeared in the very original Ravnica block and allowed players to cast one or the other of the two spells they depicted.

Well Dragon's Maze is bringing its own take to this with Fuse. This will allow you the choice of casting either of the two spells or, by paying the combined mana cost of both, cast both spells at once. It's a two for one deal!

We have also been given a glimpse of a new mythic rare land card. The titular maze of the set, Maze's End.

Maze's End

The ability to continually summon gates from your library is definitely not to be sneezed at and I love the winning condition as it would require a player to have a deck made up of each of the ten different Ravnican guilds. I would say that's going to be hard to pull off, but if you know a combo to make it work please let us know in the comments section.

The card gallery for Dragon's Maze has just gone up and will be continually updated with new images as we draw towards the pre-release. From what we can see already this set is going to bring some really vicious cards to play.

Master of Cruelties

Ral Zarek

Melek Izzet Paragon

Ruric That the Unbowed

Who else is psyched for the Dragon's Maze?

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