Loading Ready Run Preview a Magic Card Raised by Wolves

January 17, 2014 by dracs

A new Magic the Gathering set is fast approaching and Wizards of the Coast have once again given the guys of Loading Ready Run one of the new cards which players are sure to be howling for.

Raised by Wolves

As with the rest of the Born of the Gods set, Raised by Wolves takes its inspiration from classical mythology, in this case I assume it to be the story of Rome's founder Romulus and his brother Remus.


As the LRR guys show, this card looks like it could be particularly useful for green players, whether they choose to go with either the horde or the bulked up monsters tactics that the colour usually favors.

The card is an enchantment that increases a chosen creature's power and toughness for each wolf you have in play. To help with this, it also brings in two wolf tokens to fight at the creature's side. I guess mummy and daddy wanted to help out.

What are your thoughts on Born of the Gods' Raised by Wolves?

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