Magic the Gathering M14 Starts to Sliver Out

May 7, 2013 by dracs

The pre-release events for Dragon's Maze are now past and we wait eagerly for its release, but what comes next? Wizards have started showing off some new cards for the upcoming M14 block and it looks like the much feared Slivers are making a return.

Groundshaker Sliver

Blur Sliver

Battle Sliver

Sentinel Sliver

Steelform Sliver

Striking Sliver

I think I speak for all my fellow Magic players when I say "Eek!"

The great thing about Slivers is that they will continually grow in strength, supporting and boosting one another until the enemy is simply overwhelmed.

As always the artwork is excellent and these have made me really interested in what else we can expect to see in the M14 set.

Will you be celebrating or mourning the return of the Slivers?

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