Magic the Gathering Takes Us to Theros with New Intro Decks

August 30, 2013 by dracs

For the next block of releases Magic the Gathering is moving away from the city plain of Ravnica and to the world of Theros. To help get us started in this new plain, Wizards of the Coast have unveiled their next Intro decks!

First let us start with the white deck.

Theros White Intro Deck

The rare card of this deck, the Celestial Archon, is a very versatile card, with the option to cast it as either a creature or as an Aura you can attach to a creature already on the field.

Celestial Archon

This opens up much in the way of tactics, but I fear that its high Bestow cost might prove impractical in game terms.

Representing the blue deck we have the Shipbreaker Kraken.

Theros Blue Intro Deck

Shipbreaker Kraken

Both it and Ember Swallower, the rare card in the red deck , have the new monstrous special rule, allowing you to beef these monsters up to truly dangerous proportions.

Theros Red Intro Deck

Ember Swallower

However, Monstrosity doesn't simply give these two a boost. Each of them have special abilities which trigger upon them becoming Monstrous. The Shipbreaker Kraken's leaves your enemy open to attack, useful when you have some real heavy hitters lined up, while the Ember Swallower's is a bit more risky, yet with careful use could really mess up a player's carefully laid strategy.

Then we come to Black and its Abhorrent Overlord.

Theros Black Intro Deck

At 6/6 and flying, this guy is a real threat. And if that wasn't enough he comes with his own flock of harpies, making him the perfect way to build up a quick horde of creatures.

Abhorrent Overlord

The downside is that he will quickly start to whittle your collection of creatures down, meaning you will probably have to act quickly if you want to make use of them.

Finally we come to my old favourite the Green deck.

Theros Green Intro Deck

Theros is all about battles between monsters and heroes and it is with this deck's rare card, Anthousa, Setessan Hero, that we see some of that heroism shine through.

Anthousa Setessan Hero

Anthousa's Heroic rule turns three of your lands into creatures, very useful when you are in need of some extra muscle for attacking or defending.

These rare cards are all very interesting, but I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of their respective decks are like. Magic the Gathering has traditionally had very good Intro decks, which form the perfect place to get into the game and to start building your own decks around, so I am looking forward to seeing how these latest ones represent the new block.

Will you be joining us on the plain of Theros?

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