What Magic is in Store for 2014?

June 16, 2013 by dracs

Next month will be an exciting time for all of my fellow planeswalkers for Magic 2014 Core Set will be bringing us all new goodies to play with. The card image gallery is up on Wizards and I have picked out a couple of favourites.

First let's start with the ones everyone is excited about, the return of the Slivers.

Bonescythe Sliver

Megantic Sliver

Slivers are so very nasty to come up against, each one giving the others bonuses to make them even more formidable. They do seem to have one fault though as to make the most of Slivers you probably need ones from different colours, forcing you to spread the land cards of your deck out.

Slivers are not the only things to fear. Here are some of the other cards which leapt out at me.

Archangel of Thune

Jace's Mindseeker

Rise of the Dark Realms

Primeval Bounty

Awaken the Ancient

All extremely powerful cards. However, the one which I think will be most useful isn't quite as powerful in its effect.

Savage Summoning

Needing only one to cast this provides green decks with a bit of tactical sneakiness and speed. This would be best used during an opponent's attack phase, allowing to summon a deadly monster in to block just when they thought your defences were down.

Are there any cards in this set you think will be cool? Do you have a tactic for dealing with Sliver decks?

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