What Monsters Lurk in the Dragon’s Maze?

April 17, 2013 by dracs

Today we got some new preview of five common cards, one for each of the mana colours, which will be appearing in the Dragon's Maze set.

Maze Abomination

Maze Behemoth

Maze Glider

Maze Sentinel

Maze Rusher

At 6 mana these are fairly expensive to cast. They have fairly decent stats and, for the most part, can take and deal a lot of damage. But the real draw comes from the bonuses they give your multicoloured creatures. In the Ravnica set we have seen a lot of multicolours, so these will be a cool new tactic for you to take into consideration when assembling your deck.

Are any of these going to appear in your decks? Can you think of a good combo to use them in?

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