Two More Planeswalkers Step into Return to Ravnica

September 6, 2012 by dracs

More and more Magic the Gathering cards are being revealed for the upcoming Return to Ravnica set and among these are two new mighty Planeswalkers.

First of all we see the latest incarnation of the Blue mind mage Jace; the Architect of Thought.

Jace Architect of Thought

While perhaps not the most impressive Planeswalker he still has some handy abilities. His +1 will provide you with a helping hand when blocking those smaller powered creatures, while his ultimate -8 ability will allow you to search through each of your opponents' libraries and deal with those cards which threaten you most.

However, the Planeswalker I'm really excited about is the appearance of Vraska the Unseen. Hm, that statement sounded like a contradiction in terms.

Vraska the Unseen

This girl is a destroyer. Her +1 ability causes any creatures which hurt her to be destroyed outright, meaning your opponent will be very cautious about what they send at her. This will then give you enough time to build her up to her -7, rather cheap for an ultimate ability. This allows you to put three 1/1 Assassin creatures into play. That might not seem much of a threat but if just one of those gets through and deals damage to the player you win the game!

I want that card. I want this card a lot.

The artwork of these cards is of course excellent. Jace might seem a little plain (heh heh) in comparison to some of the cards out there. Nonetheless it does capture the character well, while Vraska just exudes a natural and sensuous menace.

What do you think of these new cards? Will they find their way into your deck? If any of you get Vraska when she comes out would you like to trade? Please?

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