Return to Innistrad with the New Magic the Gathering Duel Deck

March 17, 2013 by dracs

Duel decks allow us to revisit the previous block of Magic cards, this time through the eyes of two mighty Planeswalkers. The latest duel deck has just been released, returning to my favourite block Innistrad with decks headed by Sorin and Tibalt.

Sorin vs Tibalt

Duel decks are great for new players and veterans alike. For newbies it provides two good decks to get playing with and start building your collection around. For collectors it brings them two great planeswalkers!

Sorin vs Tibalt Artwork

Sorin, the Lord of Innistrad, uses white and black mana in his deck and allows you wield an army of vampires and spirits, as well take control of your opponent's creatures and even their planeswalkers!

Sorin Lord of Innistrad

The demon Tibalt, on the other hand, wields a combination of red and black mana. At only two mountains to cast he is incredibly cheap for a planeswalker card. His abilities are far more chaotic than Sorin's, but in the end you can enjoy the look of horror on your opponent's face when you take control of all their creatures for a turn, leaving them utterly defenceless and facing two attacking forces.


I myself am definitely going to pick this duel deck up. Sorin is one of my favourite planeswalkers, with white and black being my preferred combo anyway.

Are any of you returning to the plane of Innistrad?

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