This September Start Playing Magic and Join the Celebration

September 4, 2013 by dracs

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On September 7th Wizards of the Coast are going to be running a new gaming event through local stores to help you get into Magic the Gathering. Prepare to join in the Magic Celebration.

Magic Celebration

At this event prospective players can head to their local store to take part in the special format of Celebration.

You will be given a 2014 core set booster pack. From these cards you can choose which mana colour you want to go with and get its respective 2014 Sample Deck. Using both this deck and the cards you wish to use in the booster pack you will take part in three best of three matches, at the end of which you will hand in your score card to get another booster as a prize.

While not quite the same scale as other magic tournaments or events, Magic Celebration will provide people with a good taster of the classic card game, as well as a nice change of pace to more seasoned players. The style of deck construction means there is not much chance of power play, with weaker and less experienced players just as likely to get the good cards as those who have been playing a bit longer.

If you want to join the celebration be sure to use Wizards of the Coast's store finder to help you find somewhere nearby which is participating.

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