A Sneak Peek At Cards From Upcoming Aether Revolt For Magic The Gathering

December 7, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

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January 20th will bring the next set in the Kaledesh block into the game of Magic The Gathering, and it looks to be just as beautiful as the first set. Aether Revolt will continue the story of innovative Kaledesh as things take a darker turn, but perhaps the most exciting news is the coming of Ajani into this set.

MTG aether1

The Kaladesh Inventors' Fair, a celebration of innovation and ingenuity, was a ruse.

MTG aether2

For decades, Kaladesh was in the throes of an inventors' renaissance. The governing Consulate fostered innovation and optimism. But then, at the pinnacle of this era of creativity, the Consulate cracked down, confiscating inventions and detaining many genius inventors.

MTG aether3

The Consulate claims their actions were for the safety of the citizens, but it has become apparent that the Planeswalker Tezzeret looms behind much of the aggression. A divide is forming between the Consulate and the inventors. Where once there was a shared spirit of innovation, now there is discontent and revolt. The renegades are rising...

Not only is his card art gorgeous, his abilities are RIDICULOUS! This guy is just begging to join a Commander deck. All those life generating and card control abilities are going to make things crazy!

MTG aether4

MTG aether5

MTG aether6

There are plenty of interesting cards on the way and this gives you a run down of what's coming as part of the story. Ajani of course is awesome but there are plenty of other ways to create your deck.

Are you looking forward to Aether Revolt?

"Not only is his card art gorgeous, his abilities are RIDICULOUS!"

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