Start Down the Dragon’s Maze with the New Intro Decks

April 15, 2013 by dracs

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The Magic the Gathering intro decks for the Dragon's Maze set have made their appearance. Which guild will you choose?

Orzhov Power

 Rakdos Revelry

Azorius Authority

Simic Domination

Gruul Siege

Each of these brings you the champion for their respective guilds, and given how powerful these champions are these intro decks will be a must for both beginners and veterans alike.

Also I came across a video from the great guys of Loading Ready Run who, having received a fittingly sneaky pre-release card from Wizards of the Coast, give us all a quick glimpse at what to expect. Check out the vid above to get an idea about the creature representing Dimir!

Mirko Vosk

To which guild do your allegiances belong?

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