Theros Brings Some Rather Useful Cards to Magic the Gathering

September 11, 2013 by dracs

More and more cards are beginning to appear as we near the pre-release event for the next Magic the Gathering block, some of which look particularly useful. Here are a couple more Theros cards which just caught my eye.

Hero's Downfall

Planeswalkers are particularly powerful cards in the game. If you don't deal with them quickly they become more and more powerful, but to deal with them you have to change focus from your opponent's life points. So cards that deal with them quickly and cheaply, such as Hero's Downfall here, are always a good thing.

Boon Satyr

Flash allows you to cast a creature at any point, as though it were an instant. Combine that with Boon Satyr's Bestow ability and you suddenly have a hefty boost for your creature just when your opponent isn't expecting it.

Hythonia the Cruel

She kills everything that doesn't have snakes for hair. Essentially this card is a very selective nuke!

Medomai the Ageless

Hmm, what I couldn't do with an extra turn...

Prophet of Kruphix

Of all these new cards this one is, to my mind, the most powerful. Untapping all your creatures and lands during your opponent's turn means you are pretty much ready for whatever they can throw at you and puts you in a very strong defensive position. On top of this, being able to cast all your creatures with Flash is incredibly useful. Watch as your opponent becomes too afraid to do anything for fear of what is up your sleeve.

Can you think of some tactics around these cards?

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