Wizards Show Off The Cover Art for MtG Fate Reforged

January 4, 2015 by dracs

The countdown continues towards the release of the next set of cards for Magic the Gathering and have just shown off the cover art packaging for Fate Reforged.

Fate Reforged

We saw the new starter decks previously, but now we get to see how how the Fat Pack and boosters will be looking on the gaming shelves.

Fate Reforged Fat Pack

Fate Reforged Booster

Fate Reforged Booster

Fate Reforged Booster

These all have me really excited for when these cards are released and cannot wait to pick up a couple of boosters myself. However, the most interesting news is perhaps the appearance of the new Clash Pack.

Clash Pack

The Clash Pack contains two customiseable decks which can either be dueled against one another or combined to give you the basis for a new deck. Unfortunately, Wizards of the Coast have yet to reveal the cards in this pack, but it will be interesting to see what combo they come up with.

Are you looking forward to picking up some cards from Fate Reforged?

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