Wizards of the Coast Unveil the Monsters and Magic of Theros

September 2, 2013 by dracs

I am something of a mythology buff so the latest Magic the Gathering plane of Theros, based as it is in Greek mythology, has me really excited. That excitement is now reaching fever pitch as Wizards of the Coast have started to show off some of the cards!

Here are just a couple which have caught my eye so far.

Chained to the Rocks

Rescue from the Underworld

Curse of the Swine

Titan of Eternal Fire

Nylea God of the Hunt

Elspeth Sun's Champion

Daxos of Meletis

Underworld Cerberus

These are all pretty awesome and I am particularly intrigued by the interplay of gods, monsters and heroes apparent in this new deck. However there is one creature I am particularly excited about.

Hundred Handed One

This guy has the capacity to block 100 creatures! Combined with his vigilance and the fact that at that point he will be a 6/8 creature the Hundred Handed One is a formidable defensive force.

Are there new cards in the Theros Card Image Gallery which jump out to you?

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