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Maki Games’ Kickstarter Offer Up STL Terrain Files For DIY 3D Printing


Maki Games have decided that, as part of their Modular Underground Project Kickstarter rewards, they are going to begin offering STL Files.

Delve Underground With Maki Games’ 3D Dungeon Project


Maki Games are heading to Kickstarter with their awesome looking 3D Dungeon Project which promises to be a neat modular kit for making your dungeon delving experiences that little more special.

Kings of War Week: Forces of Nature Faction


Time for a look at the Forces of Nature Faction. Will Warren and James head off for a spot of tree hugging, or will they be calling forth the creatures of the deep woods to do battle?

Pledge For The Last Day Of Maki Games’ Kickstarter


Check out some more of the terrain from the last day of the Maki Games Kickstarter for new tabletop terrain.

Maki Games Push Higher With Their Terrain Kickstarter


Check out the newest pledge level from Maki Games on their modular gaming terrain Kickstarter. This is shaping up to be a nice selection of pieces.

Maki Games Move On To Gothic Architecture


Check out more stretch goals from the Maki Games Kickstarter that is looking to introduce more modular terrain to your collection.

Maki Games Head To Kickstarter With Modular Terrain


Check out Maki Games' new Kickstarter that is hoping to fund their modular terrain called Makitainers!

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