Maki Games’ Kickstarter Offer Up STL Terrain Files For DIY 3D Printing

September 23, 2016 by brennon

Maki Games have decided that, as part of their Modular Underground Project Kickstarter rewards, they are going to begin offering STL Files for a number of their different components so that backers can print off their own terrain at home.

Oblivion Starter Set

This was done because of the number of different backers requesting them...

"We decided to do this experiment to meet the requests of the growing DIY community in the world of tabletop games. The core box of the Oblivion Starter Set will be released only in plastic but we will release optional buys in STL format compatible with the plastic components.

The optional components will enable our backers to expand their dungeon by printing additional floors and walls. They will also be able to create components of their own design to fit our plastic dungeon.

For example, you will get this unique floor to make your rooms even bigger."

Broken Floor File

They will be making a number of different components that aren't going to be available in plastic right away available as these files to help add to the look of your dungeon. Tied into that they are also offering resin components for those who don't have their own 3D printer or a way to get them as part of your collection.

Maki Games have stressed that it might seem like an attractive option the 3D printing process can take a long time and while they are offering up a plethora of files you're not likely to get them printed in as high a quality as they do. It also might take you a long time!

Oblivion Starter Set Dungeon #1

Currently, they are focusing on their plastic set being the way forward but with options to try out 3D printing. As an additional hook I could see this being a hobbyist's dream. Everyone likes tinkering and this certainly gives them an excuse to do so.

Oblivion Starter Set Dungeon #2

You can still get in on the Kickstarter and follow along with its progress as well as give them feedback on the addition of STL Files and more.

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"We decided to do this experiment to meet the requests of the growing DIY community in the world of tabletop games..."

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