Maki Games Head To Kickstarter With Modular Terrain

May 21, 2013 by brennon

Maki Games, who we've previewed in the past, have taken their Makitainers to Kickstarter in search of funding for their modular terrain pieces. Check them out below...

Makitainers Gothic Render

Makitainers Modern Side

Makitainers Gothic Side

Makitainers Assembly Render

"So, what is a Makitainer? It is a modular scenery 140x70x70 mm composed of 2x floor/ceiling tiles, 4x wall tiles 70x60x5mm, 2x right door tiles (60x30x5mm) and 2x left door tiles (60x30x5mm). It will have openable doors! We also include 4x pins needed to connect two or more Makitainers. Note all elements are double sided, one side has a gothic theme, the other looks like a modern freight container."

It certainly looks like it should be good for those of us looking to adorn our boards with industrial terrain. The Gothic sides are, understandably, useful for Warhammer 40,000 while the Modern side could be included in pretty much any game from the modern day into the far future.

I say they would look epic for MERCS! I'm also interested to see what else will be coming out from Maki Games and where the Kickstarter might lead if they hit their stretch goals.

Will you be pledging?

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