Pledge For The Last Day Of Maki Games’ Kickstarter

June 17, 2013 by brennon

Maki Games' Terrain Kickstarter has been going from strength to strength and it's now entered it's last day. Check out some of the other terrain options below then consider going to pledge...

The Great Gospel Tower #1

The Great Gospel Tower #2

First up we have the Great Gospel Tower that looks like quite the magnificent structure. The different levels could be used for housing guns and other defences and you might even get to fight within the structure if you removed some of the walls.

Landing Platform

To add to that they have also produced this Landing Pad that could be housed at the top of the Tower you saw above. If you combined the two you would have a perfect objective for a scenario based game.

I could see a pretty neat skirmish game being played around these kits as your squad fights their way up the tower for an extraction on the roof.

Above you can also see a short video that shows how easy all this terrain is to put together. See what you think.

Will this terrain be on your table?

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