Two More 2E Malifaux Crews Make An Appearance

November 4, 2013 by brennon

It might not be showing up on the Wyrd website or the Malifaux one but new more crews are actually out for us mere mortals that couldn't get a hold of them earlier in the year. The Children of December and Mother of Monsters boxed sets are here!

Children of December (Raspitina Crew Box Set)

Mother of Monsters (Lilith Crew Box Set)

Once again there are some very nice plastics within these sets. I have had the chance to see a few of them out of the box and that massive Ice Golem for Rasputina is a very nice piece of work indeed. It would work in so many other games too including Malifaux of course!

Children of December Miniatures

Mother of Monsters Miniatures

Before this of course it was Shadows of Redchapel and The Guild's Judgement on offer so now there should be a nice amount of variation when it comes to the crews you will be facing.

Malifaux is certainly a good looking game and I will be getting into it at some point but it's deciding on what crew to play that's the problem!

What do you think?

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