New Boxed Sets Hit Malifaux For 2nd Edition

August 5, 2013 by brennon

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Wyrd Miniatures might not have been showing them off on their own website but by doing some digging around you can find images of the new crew boxes for Malifaux. Check them out and chose your poison...

Children of Decemeber

Mother of Monsters

Shadows of Redchapel

The Guild's Judgement

Hired Swords

This is a lot of rather nice artwork and a lot of nice models on the horizon. My friends have been interested in getting into Malifaux and with the 2nd Edition just around the corner it's worth waiting to see what you can get hold of.

I think if I was going to get into it I would have to go with The Guild's Judgement (Lady Justice?) set. I love the idea of undead demon cowboys taking to the field to hunt down the enemy.

How's this looking to you?

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