Cursed Soulstone Golem Lohith Approaches Malifaux

June 17, 2022 by fcostin

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Wyrd Games have been doing a bit of digging this week, as they have unearthed a mammoth model who doesn't look like he's going to be good at shaking hands and making friends. But he looks like he's more than open to lend a few hands for a skirmish task...

Lohith Artwork - Malifaux

Lohith Artwork // Malifaux

What's wonderful about when Wyrd release a new character for Malifaux, alongside the render and game stat cards - we usually receive a decent bit of fluff and narrative to where this new beastly has come from.

This week Wyrd has given us an introduction to Lohith, a cursed explorer taking the form of a calcified stone. Joining the Arcanists, this unsettled individual held trust in the wrong being. Instead of  Lohith Bhatt finding discovery in a cave up north, he took up adventure with a troubled guide.

Lohith Render Preview - Malifaux

Lohith Render Preview // Malifaux

Sandeep Desai’s winter witch accompanied Lohith to an unknown area, rich in discovery. However was fiercely plucked from his dreams and aspirations, turning ambition into a nightmare. Leaving him alone to rot amongst the stone. Until one day, a stranger wandered into the dark and gloomy cavern, to teach and provide answers to plot revenge.

Lohith Card Malifaux

Lohith Card Preview // Malifaux

As per usual, we were provided with a sneaky preview of the card coming alongside Lohith for Malifaux. This beast of a henchman comes alongside 'Witness' as a keyword, which references the tyrants that players may have read about! As Lohith is a soulstone golem, the abilities to which he has melded into, come at brute force and disturbing favour. Flexing his fierce might with his Huge Fist and beastly Armour, this elemental force should certainly keep an eye on their surroundings, before a Boulder is thrown in their direction!

A really interesting announcement this week, I really do enjoy the lore and background content from Wyrd. By housing such different characters across the wide range of factions, it's very easy to find a set of characters that you love with the diverse output of characters from in and around the Bayou, and across to Malifaux City's Little Kingdom.

What do you think of the upcoming Golem Character, Lohith? 

"As Lohith is a soulstone golem, the abilities to which he has melded into, come at brute force and disturbing favour."

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