Is An Executioner Above The Law? The Latest for Through The Breach

December 5, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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The Executioner is making HER way into Through the Breach from Wyrd Games in their latest expansion, Above The Law. In this format, she's an advanced pursuit, offering a ruthless level of mudering potential.

Not just anyone can actually become an Executioner. Only those demonstrating unwavering loyalty to the Guild can sign up for this career. Only after passing a series tests by the Guild AND accepting the invitation can you get this position. And then the candidate is marched off to the Amalgamation Office to have one or both of their hands replaced with deadly Executioner Claws.

This is one of those characters that gets more and more powerful with each kill. The buffs allow for a ridiculously annoying heal ability tied to how gravely the opponent is wounded and eventually brings an ability triggered by 2 Rams to deal even more deadly damage. She is simply a machine- a human (kind of) machine.

Would you give an arm (or 2) to become this killing machine for the Guild?

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