What Will February Bring to the Madness of Malifaux?

February 3, 2013 by dracs

It looks like all you Malifaux fans will have plenty to look forward to this month with three upcoming releases being added to the Wyrd menagerie of minis.

Malifaux - Freikorps Strongarm

Malifaux - Burt Jebsen

Malifaux - Masters of the Path

These are certainly some nice miniature designs, filled with the twisted, slightly cartoonish character that marks out the Malifaux miniatures.

My particular favourite has to be Burt Jebsen, because how can you not like a manic goblin holding a gun? Unless he happens to be pointing it at you of course. The Masters of the Path also look interesting. With their flowing clothing and skeletal cohorts, I would be tempted to pick them up myself and start playing.

How do you guys think these compare to previous Malifaux releases?

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