Foe To The Fairy Folk: Gwyll Spores Into Malifaux

June 24, 2022 by fcostin

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Wyrd has gone to the forest this week for their newly announced character for Malifaux. And returned with something a little more mushroom coated and mossy than usual! We're stepping away from last week's announcement from deep into the caves, and into the woods with a new sinister foe for the Autumn Queen, Titania - Gwyll.

Gwyll Artwork - Malifaux

Gwyll Artwork Preview // Malifaux

This week we have been introduced to Gwyll joining The Resurrectionists, a tortured unique individual that has witnessed suffering amongst his kin. At the hands of Titania, the Autumn Queen. Once living as eternal servants, the Dryads endured time rotting under the control of the Autumn Court. Now, one of his kind retreating to where no Neverborn being can find him. He waits... scheming for his chance to poison justice towards the Autumn Queen.

"Much time passed before he received visitors. The newcomers were strange... They asked the Dryad to balance the scales of life and death for one of their greatest champions. Trauma-worms wriggled inside Gwyll’s head, and he offered a deal. If the champion was an enemy of the Autumn Queen, the Dryad would keep this champion alive. So was the bargain made, and so this ancient warrior endured for centuries under Gwyll’s watch." - Wyrd Games

Gwyll Render - Malifaux

Gwyll Render // Malifaux

Now that Gwyll has been liberated from hiding, with the courage to wander with allies against Titania. Although this wisdom-filled creature of the woods may look fragile. That sinister smile brings a wealth of support with the help of magic and nature.

Gwyll Card Preview - Malifaux

Entering with the keyword 'Returned', Gwyll will be taking the role of Henchman to provide well-needed backup to his crew. Providing support to friendly models with Cling to Death, and allowing additional benefits to Leaders with Whisper in Their Ear. This influential elder is certainly playing by his own set of rules, manipulating his way across the battlefield. Unaffected by terrain and tactically draining enemies with Decay. A unit that seems to be a lot of fun, lurking within the shadows.

The model itself is gorgeous in my opinion, all they had to do was stick mushrooms on it and I was sold. But realistically, Gwyll looks as if he has truly lived within and as part of the forest environment for an age.

Head to toe covered in nature, he's ready to outsource for revenge. As nobody would leave their house with that smile on their face unless they wanted to!

"Nobody would leave their house with that smile on their face unless they wanted to!"

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