Grab Yourself A Special Edition Johana For Malifaux

May 12, 2014 by brennon

In an interesting addition to the Malifaux news we heard about last week the chaps at Wyrd Miniatures have also added in a special edition miniatures, Johana, to some boxes of figures arriving at friendly local gaming stores...


"Johana is a special edition model that will be initially available through retailers. Her stats are the same as her 'alter' ego Johan.

In the upcoming months we will be inserting her into a set number of crew boxes which will be marked as containing this free figure as our way of thanking you for supporting both Wyrd and your FLGS!"

A very nice gesture indeed! I think people will be clamoring to grab one if they can and I'm sure in true Wyrd Miniature style she will be a stunning model.

Will you bring the hammer down with Johana?

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