June’s Gonna to be Wyrd

May 6, 2011 by dracs

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Wyrd Miniatures have announced this year's June releases for Malifaux and true to form there about as bizarre a collection of miniatures as we could have hoped for.

Just check out this puppet master and all his little friends.

Along side these we have some Desperate Mercenaries, like fellow here.

But Sam, I hear you cry, do you know of any bases I could use which do these macabre little monsters justice? Well have no fear because Wyrd Miniatures have that covered too.

Personally I love Wyrd's Malifaux range and I can't wait to see these guys when they arrive in June. If you haven't yet seen the Malifaux range, or these guys have reawakened your love for all things... well weird, then head on over to Wyrd Miniatures now.

BoW Sam

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